IT Consulting

Ensure you have the best possible guidance and information when making important decisions about your IT

Stellar Networks will complete your technology development projects on target, on time, and on budget

Expanding or developing your existing business technology is a great way to increase your organization, but where do you start? There is a veritable ocean of options out there, and just as many things that can go wrong. Stellar Networks has experienced and knowledgeable technology consultants who will work with you from the discovery and planning phases, through implementation, and all the way up to final testing. It doesn’t matter if you are just looking to procure some new machines or completely overhaul your infrastructure, Stellar Networks is ready, willing, and able to ensure an exceptional outcome.

We won’t recommend you the most expensive or the cheapest options for your IT project, just the ones that fit best with your business and will contribute best to your success. Everything we do is for stronger relationships and long-term success.

Stellar Networks stand ready to assist you with:

  • Hardware procurement and installation (e.g., servers, desktops, printers, scanners, and more)
  • Software procurement and installation; we’ll find the best applications to meet your needs
  • Network infrastructure development involving both hard line and Wi-Fi connections
  • Data backup and disaster recovery schemes
  • Office restructuring or moves
  • Technical assessments, compliance audits, and other testing
  • “Big Picture” technology strategies
  • And much more