About Us

Sustainable, secure, and honest since the beginning

Helping our partners grow and succeed for over 22 years

Our mission is a simple one: partner with great companies who want to leverage technology to grow their business, and thrive together. We’ve seen enough IT services providers treat their clients like cash cows to know that isn’t what we want for ourselves or our clients. They give the big pitch, recommend a mountain of costly and unnecessary services and products, then they fail to deliver what they promised! At Stellar Networks, we are in it for the long haul. We guarantee honest guidance so you get customized services that fit your business needs perfectly.


Our Story

We’ve evolved over the years, but our core values have remained.

Much of the organization and vision began back in 2000 with a meeting of minds in Concord, NH. We realized a proactive approach worked best for both the client and for us as well. The client benefits by shifting the maintenance forward, so it's done before there is a problem. The responsibility, and the cost of failing, become ours. We are as incentivized as our clients to keep things from going wrong.

These ideas were refined, expanded, and very nearly perfected in the early 2000s as Daress Networks in Southern Maine.

The tools to manage PC-based networks were starting to fit together better, although no "suite" existed yet. We started selling hardware and software to help customers move toward a one-stop shopping experience. We recommend it, sell it, install it, and maintain it.

Merging into 2-Way Communications Service, Inc. as the Network Division in 2005 and re-branding as Stellar Networks in 2019 were the last steps in creating who we have become today: A first-rate staff of IT professionals who truly care about your success. We fully invest in discovering how technology can grow your business, then we make it happen!

​We have a rock-solid infrastructure built to support you, and we love doing it.